Comparison of Guest-Note's three Editions:
Lite / Standard / Enterprise

Guest-Note is designed to manage and improve all customer communication (feedback and reviews). It's simple to use, easy to implement and vastly improves your customer recovery and relationships.

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A tool to help business achieve Customer Centricity

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Guest-Note Lite and Standard editions come with an ample number of notes each month (for organization sizes each version is designed to serve) and the Enterprise Edition has no limit on monthly notes. Anytime notes exceed edition limits, Extra note packs come in bundles of 100 and billed at $25.

A Note constitutes a complete Case/Ticket (which includes the back and forth and inner communications needed to close out a case with a customer.)

100 500 Unlimited
Concurrent Projects

Enterprise supports up to ten different projects. For example, businesses operating more than one brand or have distinct operating units, each can be set up as separate projects. E.g., online vs. brick and mortar.

1 project 1 project 10 projects
Social Media Integration

Complaints or other comments that demand attention and a response can easily be tagged and brought into Guest-Note to answer.

Storage Space

Additional storage space can be purchased if needed, but the space provided is usually keeping two years of data available on the system before Archiving.

3 GB 5 GB 20 GB

Guest-Note can monitor reviews on Yelp and bring over any review that falls short of the threshold star rating you set.

* * *
SMS Capabilities

Guest-Note supports SMS text messaging. Customer text messages can be received and responded to from within GN.

Text Mining / Machine Learning

The enterprise edition introduces Machine Learning and additional algorithms that add to the systems' ability to bring hidden problems to light.

Limited Comprehensive
Post Resolution Feedback

A feature that sends an email to the guest after a case is closed and prompts the customer with "Not Satisfied," "Neutral," or "Completely Satisfied" to which "one click" submits their response.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base support with immediate answers and solutions to commonly reported problems. While each version incorporates machine learning to power this feature and continually improve solutions, the Enterprise version uses additional algorithms to pick up on more nuances in the data.

Limited Comprehensive
Customer Uploaded Images

Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words. If the guest wants to support their comments with a photo, they can easily upload one.

Should additional images be needed, they are available at an additional cost.

1 * 1 * 3 *
Call Center Support

Enterprise includes additional tools to support a call or contact center – where all items go first before being distributed.

Customer Uploaded Video

Enterprise can support more than one brand, or if they are distinct operational differences.

* 1

Our API enables programmatic access to all data held within GN.

Chatbot Support

Can add customer Chat

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