Customer Case Management Software

Guest-Note is Affordable for Organizations of All Sizes

Guest-Note is specifically designed to manage and improve communication with customers. It's simple to use, easy to implement and vastly improves your customer relationships.

While typical CRM software can run over $100 per month for a single user, Guest-Note is available to your entire organization with one low monthly fee - no matter how many users you have.

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Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Comparison of Guest-Note Standard and Enterprise editions
Guest-Note enterprise provides additional tools and capabilities over that of the standard version. Most notable, enterprise adds call/contact center support and the ability to handle up to 10 projects.

A project is like a separate instance of Guest-Note, supporting its own forms, categories, subcategories, and case distribution. For example, if the inquiries coming in from online customers may be notably different from those of your in-store guests, each can be set up as a separate project. Users can easily switch projects from the dashboard.

There are other substantive differences between standard and enterprise versions, below is a feature comparison.
Comparison of Guest-Note's two Editions: Standard vs. Enterprise
Feature Standard Enterprise Feature Note
Concurrent Projects 1 10 Enterprise can support more than one brand, or if they are distinct operational differences between divisions, they can be set up as different projects. E.g. online versus brick and mortar.
Call Center Support No Yes Enterprise includes additional tools to support a call or contact center – where all items go first before being distributed.
Customer Uploaded Images 1($) 3 ($) Should additional images be required, they are available at an additional cost.
Customer Uploaded Video $ 1
Storage Space 5 GB 20 GB Additional storage space can be purchased if needed, but the space provided is usually keeping two years of data available on the system before Archiving.
Social Media Integration Yes Yes
Yelp $ $ Guest-Note can monitor reviews on Yelp and bring over any review that falls short of the threshold star rating you set.
Post Resolution Feedback Yes Yes
Text Mining / Machine Learning Limited Comprehensive The enterprise edition introduces Machine Learning and additional algorithms that add to the systems' ability to bring hidden problems to light.
API $ Yes
SMS Capabilities $ $ Guest-Note is capable of receiving text messages from and responding to customers via SMS text messaging.
Knowledge Base Limited Comprehensive Both editions allow you to create a knowledge base of commonly reported problems customers have and their solution. The Enterprise version goes a step further by incorporating machine learning to pick up on more nuances in the data.
Chatbot Support $ Yes