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Multi Channel Customer Support Software

You may wonder what Customer Communication Management (CCM) is all about.

This is where our story begins. Guest-Note™ was developed by Sinclair Customer Metrics, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the measurement of customer service and customer satisfaction. During that time we have worked with countless companies, helping them improve the experience they delivered to customers. While many Clients had CRM platforms in place, most found them to be of little help when it came to dealing with the increased amount of customer inquiries, suggestions, complaints, being communicated to them. What was really needed was an affordable platform that facilitates effective communication with customers - A platform that helped manage all the Customer Communications coming in from numerous channels without having to add additional customer service representatives.

Guest-Note™ was created specifically to help companies responsively and effectively deal with the ever-growing increase in consumer-generated communication. We used our experience in measurement and process improvement to create a system that makes "customer feedback" the valuable asset it was meant to be - improving customer recovery and effectively addressing the problems behind issues internally.

Multi-Channel Customer Service

Customer Communication Management Made Easy

The technological world is changing each and every day. And while consumers may have access to more communication channels than ever, many report that communication with numerous businesses to still be problematic. With the immediate responsiveness associated with Social Media and the Internet changing consumer expectations permanently, the antiquated "Contact Us" email links and web-mail forms still present on many websites today simply do not meet your consumers' demands.

Guest-Note was designed by customer measurement specialists to bring communication from all these channels together - into one effective platform for case management, accountability, customer recovery, and much more. Guest-Note uses the latest machine learning algorithms to help better categorize customer comments from all channels and present the best ways to respond. In short, Guest-Note eliminates the company to customer communication gap.

Guest-Note is the premier platform for addressing your customers' concerns quickly, accurately, and easily.

In the digital age, speed is everything. According to reports from Edison Research, 32% of consumers who use social media expect a response from your team within 30 minutes and 42% want to hear back within the hour. Even more surprising is that 57% expect the same response time on weekends and after business hours

Guest-Note helps you provide the level of communications your customers need - and expect - in today's fast-paced world.

Traditional CRM software, while powerful, can also end up being expensive, complex, and a hassle to program and maintain. Guest-Note, in contrast, only requires minimal set up from IT - and zero ongoing maintenance. Our team designed this powerful platform to provide an effective customer case management system that won't use up your company's IT resources.

Guest-Note is everything a business needs for effective customer case management in the digital age. It's customer communication, done right.

The Affordable Customer Case Management Solution