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Customer Feedback Software

Customer Communication Management, Better Than It's Ever Been.

Guest-Note is easy to setup - and it's easy to onboard your team. Our low, flat-fee monthly pricing is affordable no matter how the size of your organization . Guest-Note is the future of customer feedback management.

Customer Feedback Tool Features

Easy to Setup - and Easy to Use

  • Easily plugs in to your corporate website
  • Requires minimal IT resources to set up and zero time to maintain
  • Reflects your corporate brand and is indistinguishable from the rest of your website
  • System is cloud based and scales effortlessly
  • Optimized for mobile - so cases can be monitored and addressed by those not tied to a desk
  • Designed to save on labor cost as well as enable better customer response times and improved customer recovery
  • As easy to use as a social media site. Customers can communicate with your organization using written comments, photos, and even video
  • Automated Case management and distribution
  • Case time tracking and color coding
  • Customer Follow-Up Accountability Loop
  • Electronic gift card/coupon tracking
  • Follow-up, one-click satisfaction pulse check to ensure customer's problem was handled to their satisfaction
  • Administrative dashboard display includes: Closed out cases, action taken to resolve issue, graphical breakdown of all issues received, text mining tool to detect underlying themes, and problems in guest comments.

"Self-Bucketing" Adds Value to Customer Input

Categorizing content (sentiment, central theme, and topic) adds value to the information customers provide.

Allowing customers to quickly do this on their own as part of the posting process also saves time and money. Guest-Note provides a variety of categorization and tagging tools to enhance content identification, search, and retrieval. For uncategorized posts, Guest-Note uses its machine learning and AI to automatically suggest the best categories to tag a comment with. Advanced Text Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms Spot Trends, Solve Problems, and Identify Opportunities - Quickly!

One of the most powerful features within Guest-Note is its machine learning and text mining algorithms, used throughout the program. Machine Learning algorithms become more effective identifying trends and predicting best outcomes over time. As more data, specific to your company, is added Guest-Note continues to improve in its ability to help you better leverage your data.. In the vast sea of unstructured data that businesses now receive from customers, Guest-Note's Machine Learning can help your company gain insights it may currently be missing, thus improving the value of the information provided by your customers.

Customer Feedback Software Features
Customer Feedback Platform Features

Responsiveness: Because Minutes Matter

Businesses of the past used the traditional 24-48 hours hour range for responding to customers, but in today's world, that's no longer acceptable.
Just as a rising tide lifts all ships, faster response times among top organizations have raised consumer expectations across industries. As a result, responding to customer complaints, comments or even suggestions in the modern world should ideally within hours, but always within the first 24. One of the best features about Guest-Note is that it works 24/7, classifying and distributing customer feedback to appropriate personnel, even when customer service reps are off.

Quickly Route Feedback to the Right People

One of the best ways to reduce the chances of an error being repeated is by assigning the solution to the team members and management closest to the issue..

With this principle in mind, Guest-Note has built in an accountability loop. If, for instance, a customer has a problem at your location in Memphis, rather than the problem being fixed by the corporate customer service team in Seattle, Guest-Note can assign resolving the problem to the Memphis location manager.
The progress of the resolution and the actions taken by the store manager can be monitored through Guest-Note by program administrators and field management each step of the way. While the accountability loop feature within Guest-Note is entirely optional, companies that do so often experience fewer recurring customer complaints.

Customer Feedback Software Features
Customer Feedback Management Tools Features

Rapid Response Helps You Recover Customers That Had a Bad Experience

McKinsey and Company report that 54% of customers who have their complaint resolved continue to frequent the business.

82% – 95% of your customers will continue to do business with you if their complaint is resolved quickly. Customers who complain and are satisfied with their resolution are up to 8% more loyal than if they had no problem at all. This means that customer complaints actually represent opportunity for your business - if you're able to respond quickly and effectively.

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