How It Works

Customer Feedback Software

Guest-Note is easy to setup - and it's easy to onboard your team. Our low, flat-fee monthly pricing is affordable no matter the size of your organization. Guest-Note is the future of customer feedback management.

Easy to Setup - and Easy to Use

  • Easily plugs in to your corporate website
  • Requires minimal IT resources to set up and zero time to maintain
  • Reflects your corporate brand and is indistinguishable from the rest of your website
  • System is cloud based and scales effortlessly
  • Optimized for mobile - so cases can be monitored and addressed by those not tied to a desk
  • Designed to save on labor cost as well as enable better customer response times and improved customer recovery
  • As easy to use as a social media site. Customers can communicate with your organization using written comments, photos, and even video
  • Automated Case management and distribution
  • Case time tracking and color coding
  • Customer Follow-Up Accountability Loop

Self-Bucketing Adds Value to Customer Input

Advanced Text Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms Spot Trends, Solve Problems, and Identify Opportunities - Quickly!

Categorizing content adds value to the information.

Allowing customers to quickly do this on their own as part of the posting process also saves time and money. Guest-Note provides a variety of categorization and tagging tools to enhance content identification, search, and retrieval. For uncategorized posts, Guest-Note uses its machine learning and AI to automatically suggest the best categories to tag a comment with.