A Better Way to
Manage Customer Feedback

Customer Communication
Done Right

in today's omni-channel environment, keeping up with customer feedback can be overwhelming. But with Guest-Note™ it doesn't have to be.

Guest-Note collects customer feedback from phone calls, websites, social media, email, pictures and video, reviews, and more. With Guest-Note, customer feedback is easily captured, organized, and shared with the right people for quick followup and resolution.

Responding rapidly to customer feedback - particularly when they're unhappy - is critical. Guest-Note makes it easy to do. We consolidate all your customer feedback into our simple dashboard.

  • Easily plugs in to your website
  • Requires minimal IT resources
  • Cloud based and scales effortlessly
  • Improved Automation through Machine Learning and AI
  • Automated Case management
  • Gift card/coupon tracking
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Get A Glimpse Into The Future Of Customer Communication

Experience The Ultimate Customer Communication Tool

Guest-Note is Easy to Implement

We Make Onboarding Effortless
Easy to Use
As easy to use as a social media site. Customers can communicate with your organization using written comments, photos, and even video
Easy to Set Up
Requires minimal IT resources to set up and zero time to maintain. Designed to save on labor cost as well as enable better customer response
More Efficient
Make your Team More Efficient - and Your Customers Happier! Follow-up, one-click satisfaction pulse check to ensure customer's problem was handled to their satisfaction

Guest-Note is a Better Way to Manage Customer Feedback

Guest-Note is the future of customer feedback management.

Better Responsiveness.
Happier Customers.

Guest-Note's intelligent routing systems makes it easy for the right people within your organization to respond to feedback quickly - and that makes your customers happy!


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